The staff at NACL not only focuses on customer applications and designing coatings to meet demanding specifications, we also strive to continue improving and understanding our industry as a whole. Our continuous focus is to be not only a valuable vendor and key component to your supply-chain, but also to serve as a trusted advisor for you to reach out to with any coating or optics related questions.

Our goal for these blogs is to lend insight into some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here on an on-going basis. Some of the questions are very base level knowledge into coatings and optics, whereas some of the questions we answer in our blogs enter into some of the higher level topics in the Photonics industry.

If you have a question you’d like for us to answer, please reach out and let us know, because we are always here to help!

Mirror Coating: Fashion vs Function

Mirror coating services are a major part of our heritage here at North American Coating Laboratories. When we began our…

Using Polymer Optics in Harsh Environments

Polymer optics are being used in a much wider array of applications as the manufacturing processes becomes more refined and…

What is DLC Coating?

A quick overview of DLC coatings.

Hydrophobic vs Hydrophilic Coatings

This quick post should help outline the fundamental differences between the two coating solutions, and help you make an educated decision in which coating would be most beneficial for your program.

How Do You Test Optical Coatings?

This post should help outline the methods the coating industry uses and help you make an educated decision in which tests are most beneficial for your program.

Electron Beam vs Magnetron

what is the difference between electron beam and Magnetron Sputter deposition

“Thin-Film Coating for Military Eyepiece Displays”

Original Article in Novus Light. Today’s head-mounted eyepiece displays have to be tough enough to stand up to the harsh…

Coating Micro Optics

As consumer electronics continue to shrink in size and increase in functionality so too will the optics used to power…