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Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson
32 years  with NACL

B.S. Optical Engineering, University of Rochester 1993

“Growing up in the family business I was always fascinated by the equipment and coatings NACL was producing. From riding my big-wheel around the warehouse as a child to cleaning machines and learning to run and assist in repairing the equipment, I have had exposure to all elements of NACL. Based on my interest, it was a natural choice to obtain my Optical Engineering degree at the University of Rochester specializing in Thin Films.  It is a unique and challenging role running the company and designing optical coatings. Our markets are diverse and something is always new at NACL.”

Dan Fiore
Director of Business Development
15 years with NACL

B.A. Communication Arts, Defiance College 2001

“I like interacting with our wide variety of customers. Everyday is different at NACL, so everyday is a learning experience. I also really enjoy the wide range of fields within which our customers work. From automotive applications to high fashion eyewear I seem to have different conversations on different topics day in and day out.”


Pam Roberts
Director of Operations
32 years  with NACL

P.H.D/Doctrine from The University of North American Coating Laboratories with a concentration in Dip-Applied Coating Sciences and Quality Management System Maintenance .

“I like working with our employees to improve our efficiency and reach our production goals. Every day is a new challenge in production, and I like to think we have a team in place that handles change well, and adapts to every customer request without missing a beat.”


Gener Gatmaitan
Director of Engineering & Technology
2 years with NACL

B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mapúa Institute of Technology
B.S. Civil Engineering Laguna College

“Developing thin-film coatings while improving and optimizing processes are my passions. Working with the great team here at NACL allows me to pursue these passions everyday. I’m also excited to continue to learn new things about optical coatings from one of the best players in the industry.”

Robert Kunszt
Director of Vacuum Process Technologies
2 years with NACL

B.S Aerospace Engineering – Ohio State University

Robert joins the NACL team with 20+ years in thin film coating and process design experience in R&D and production capacities. His experience with Ion-Assisted E-beam PVD, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), and RF Sputtering processes and equipment along with his ability to design and fabricate high vacuum coating systems, fixturing, and tooling will be a great aid to NACL as we expand our business capabilities.

Karl Karbowicz 
Director of Infrared Technology
2 years with NACL

B.S Physics- Rochester Institute of Technology

Karl manages NACL’s new Infrared Coating Lab.  He has over 30 years’ experience in coating optical components from crystalline laser optics to polymeric consumer goods.  “I’ve designed and produced coatings from 193nm to 16 microns, yet there are always new challenges that keep my work interesting!”

Sue Steadman copy

Sue Steadman
Administrative Director
42 years with NACL

“I started working for NACL as a part-time office girl.while still in high school. I was given what I consider today to be a “golden opportunity”. The experiences I have acquired and challenges I have faced while with NACL over the years have contributed greatly to my career. The relationships built over the years with our customers and with my co-workers make it a joy to serve others and come to work every day.

NACL started the coating business and I am proud to admit that everyone works well as a team to ensure that NACL remains the “The best in the business”.”

Jenny Wilson

Jenny E. Wilson, PHR
Director of Human Resources
13 years with NACL

Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification
M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of New Haven
B.S. Psychology and Sociology, Central Michigan University

“I’ve been working at NACL since 2008 managing the human resources function.  Every day is different, and it’s always exciting to learn about the upcoming projects and industries we are involved with.”

John Wilson

John Wilson

Company founder, John Wilson, began his career in the optical industry as director of manufacturing for one of the largest eyeglass manufacturing firms in the country. In this capacity, he introduced new concepts in the use of specialized coatings for eyeglass and sunglass lenses with an emphasis on the use of anti-reflective coatings to enhance their visual acuity. As new optical plastic materials replaced the use of glass for eyewear, he envisioned the development of new improved coatings to provide similar benefits and increase scratch resistance. In 1974, he founded North American Coating Laboratories with the primary purpose to concentrate on the development of new coatings for all types of optics. While this included the manufacture of high quality sunglass products for key distributors it also ultimately led to the expansion of many of their coatings into other non-eyeglass related industrial optics which now account for more than 50% of the company’s business.

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