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NACL is proud to partner with top US vendors to offer turn-key solutions for optical plastic windows. Whether you need flat panel displays, light diffusing filters, or precision thin sheets, NACL and its partners have you covered. We offer a wide variety of optical grade cast acrylic plastics to meet your projects needs.

We are able to offer up to 1000 x 1000mm sheets based on your project requirements!

Below is a comprehensive list of plastics available.

  • Precision Thin Sheet
  • Precision Sheet Colors
  • Precision Neutral Density Filters
  • Precision High Temp Sheet
  • Color Filters (Including Color Match)
  • Hard Coat Sheet
  • Super Hardcoat Sheet
  • Nonglare Filters
  • NIR Filters
  • UV Cut Filters
  • UV Transmission Filters
  • IR Cut Filters
  • Light Guide Reflector Sheet
  • Light Guide Panels
  • And More!

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