North American Coating Laboratories custom designs all of our thin-film optical coatings to meet our customers unique specifications. With over 90 years of thin-film design experience on staff, we’re confident that our experienced team can design whatever coating you’ll need to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

NACL’s ubiquitous coating technologies are used in multiple industries across multiple applications. Our most common industries served are military, automotive, medical, commercial device and avionic. The films we provide can help enhance the performance of everything from augmented reality visors to missile guidance and targeting systems. This page includes our most popular thin-film designs.

You can learn more about thin film coatings by listening to NACL’s own regularly published podcast Through the Lens or by listening to any of our comprehensive webinars .

Do you have a unique set of specifications? Are you working on a difficult application? If you do not see a graph that meets your needs, please contact us at 866-216-6225 ext 108, to discuss your program in more detail. Our customer care and responsiveness routinely scores at 4.9 on a 5 point scale with regards to customer satisfaction.

Visible Conductive Broadband Anti-Reflective Coating

  • MIL-C-14806A Compliant (Environmental/Severe Abrasion/Thermal/Solubility)
  • 20 Ω/sq Sheet Resistance (4 point-probe measurement)
  • BK7 Substrate

UV Broadband Anti-Reflective Coating

  • MIL-C-14806A Compliant (Environmental/Severe Abrasion/Thermal/Solubility)
  • Fused Silica Substrate

650nm Shortwave Pass Filter on PMMA (Acrylic)

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