Dip-Applied Coating

Protective Hard Coating

North American Coating Laboratories (NACL) offers a variety of coating options for lenses. One of the services that set NACL apart from other coating labs is our ability to do both vacuum deposited thin films as well as dip applied coatings. Dip applied coatings offer an extra layer of protection for your optic. Protective hard coating can significantly reduce wear and tear from every day chemicals from cleansers to bug spray to sunscreen. This protective application was especially handy in theme parks with light up fast pass stations or as part of an automotive display panel. Curious if your project would benefit from dip applied protective coating? Connect with our experts to discuss solutions today!

North American Coating Laboratories provides a thermally-cured polysiloxane hard coating solution for plastic optics. Our dip hard coating application allows for the conformal coating of optics with unique geometries. Through the control of processing speeds we are able to optimize the hard coat film for the highest level of clarity without sacrificing the durability or resistance to common cleaning agents and industrial solvents. Additionally, our polysiloxane hard coat formula in index-matched to polymers for the minimization of birefringence.

Our newly expanded dip-coating lines utilize the latest in Class 100 clean robotic driven processing. With over 25 years of experience in hard coating process development, NACL can assist with virtually any polymer hard coating application. Connect with us now to discuss your program.


Dip-Applied Coating Infographic
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