Dip-Applied Coating

Thin Film Dip-Coating Service


Dip-coating is a popular method of applying thin film coats to items with unique geometrical designs. Other methods of thin film deposition may bring about uneven layers if the item has an intricate design. The process involved with our thin film dip-coating service is a multistep process involving the immersion of the item into the dip-coating tank before pulling it out at a constant rate. The excess material forming the thin coat will drip off back into the tank while the solvent evaporates from the liquid which solidifies the thin film.

Our newly expanded dip-coating lines utilize the latest in Class 100 fully automated, computerized processing. As such, our dip-applied coatings provide extreme precision capabilities for customizing plastic and glass substrates. Below are some of the applications for which we would utilize our dip-coating machinery and methods. Contact us if you have any questions or have need of our thin film dip-coating service for any of your industrial applications.

  • Scratch-resistant hardcoating
  • Hydrophobic over-coating
  • Chemical / fuel resistant hardcoating

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