On time guarantee is contingent upon customer furnished material being received by North American Coating Laboratories on the date as promised by supplier. Any interruption to the agreed upon arrival date of customer furnished material will result in a change of delivery date to customer.

In the event that a shipment is received late the customer must request credit for coating order within 5 business days after receipt of material.

Customer furnished optics will be deemed suitable for coating by North American Coating Laboratories. In the event that customer furnished optics are received in a condition not suitable for coating due to quality and or cleanliness that results in additional handling by North American Coating Laboratories, the on time guarantee will be void unless actions to resolve the issue are mutually agreed upon. Customer furnished optics received damaged will void the on-time guarantee.

North American Coating Laboratories cannot guarantee on-time delivery for the following issues: courier delays beyond North American Coating Laboratories control on both inbound and outbound shipments. Delays in mission critical paperwork furnished by the customer including drawings, specifications, part maps, serialization schema. Lapses in communication over quality and specification instruction as requested by North American Coating Laboratories.

In the event that a refund is granted; North American Coating Laboratories reserves the right to retain payment for custom coating fixtures, non-standard materials purchased in support of said order (witness coupons, evaporative materials, etc), expedited service fees along with shipping and handling charges.

Free coating allotments are not to exceed $2,000. In the event that the late shipment order exceeds this amount, the balance due for the affected order will be subject to discussion between North American Coating Laboratories and the customer.

In blanket purchase scenarios the guaranteed delivery terms are subject to the finite line of the active order. A late shipment refund will only be granted for the affected line and not for the entirety of the purchase order

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