Anti-Reflective Coating

AR Coating

We design anti-reflective (AR) coatings to reduce the amount of light reflected off the surface of a lens. Clients typically use these purely to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the glasses when in use. The anti-reflective coating allows more light to pass through the glasses and enter the retina which slightly aids visual acuity. Though most ophthalmologists will suggest you opt for an AR coating, they are particularly suited for high-index lenses as they reflect much more light than low-index lenses.

The Opticlear® Premium anti-reflective coatings we manufacture also contain a hydrophobic coating on the surface that helps to repel water and grease which makes them much easier to keep clean.

Opticlear® Premium
Hydrophobic, broadband, anti-reflective coating

  • 6 layers per side
  • Soft “blue-green” reflection color
  • Light transmission 99.5%
  • 6th layer creates a smudge-resistant and hydrophobic surface that is chemically bonded for easy to clean and improved scratch performance of the coating.
  • “Life of the Lens” warranty
  • Available on all lens materials: glass, CR-39, plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and polarized.

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