Reflective Coatings

Reflective coatings are applied to the surface of an optical element to greatly enhance the surface reflection. NACL can evaporate metals to create pure non-angle dependent reflective coatings while also protecting and or enhancing our metallic films with custom dielectric layers. NACL also has the ability to create highly reflective films using only dielectric materials at specific wavelengths. With over 90 years of thin-film design experience on staff, chances are good we can design whatever coating you’ll need to satisfy even the most demanding applications. Here are some of our most popular thin-film designs. If you do not see a graph you’re interested in, please contact us at 866-216-6225 ext 108, to discuss your program in more detail.

355nm Dielectric Reflector


  • Laser Damage Threshold Compliant
  • MIL-M-13508C, para. 4.4.5. – Moderate Abrasion
  • MIL-C-48497A,para. – Adhesion
  • Fused Silica Substrate

Near Infrared Enhanced Aluminum


  • MIL-C-14806A Compliant (Environmental/moderate Abrasion/Thermal/Solubility/Adhesion)
  • Can be applied to Glass, Aluminum or a Polymeric Substrate

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