The Customer:
West Coast Lens is a full service wholesale optical laboratory with a niche in custom high end and luxury products.  They are focused on and take pride in their attention to detail as artisans, their knowledge of luxury products, as well as their personalized and immediate customer care.

The Challenge:
West Coast Lens caters to extremely high-end customers and boutique locations that  offer some of the most luxurious and painstakingly crafted eye wear in the industry today. The cost associated with their products is substantial so providing them with the most technologically advanced, and aesthetically  pleasing eye glass coatings is priority #1.

The Solution:
NACL’s customer care team and experienced laboratory technicians work hand in hand with West Coast Lens’ staff to ensure prompt delivery of their lenses, as well as accurate tints, and coatings for all of their lens styles. This communication and understanding of our customers core business has not only helped them be more efficient, but has helped them improve upon their already high level of customer care and satisfaction.

“NACL has taken the time and effort to truly understand who we are and what we do.  NACL lives up to our high standards, which has allowed us to stay true to our niche in the market.”
– Angela Powell,  Customer Care and Sales Manager  West Coast Lens