The Customer:
A large Midwestern glass distributor who produces barcode scanner windows and other technical device components for use stateside and abroad. The business paradigm has changed numerous times throughout the 30 year history of this distributor but the one constant that remains is the need to produce a superior product at the most aggressive price possible.

The Challenge:
Diminished product lifecycles on bar-code scanner substrates, and less expensive off shore suppliers.

The Solution:
NACL’s Vacuum applied Diamond Like Carbon or “DLC” coating has allowed them to strengthen their products against abrasion and breakages and therefore add time to the lifecycle their product has in the field. Overall this is a strong way to help add value to the sale of all of their components.
NACL is not only offering our customer a top of the line product to protect their components in the field, we are also pricing this service for our customer to help them combat less expensive off shore suppliers. Despite our low prices and rapid service we are happy to say that our customer has never received a complaint about the quality of our coating services.

“North American Coating Laboratories has helped us maintain a  Competitive edge with aggressive pricing and superior value when we compete for business against suppliers from abroad”