The Customer:
Dauntless Molds is a high quality injection molder and tool manufacturing company that produces precision medical and optical injection molds. Their ability to hold close tolerances and mold complex parts can aid a customer from prototype to final production molding.

The Challenge:
Dauntless was faced with a tight lead time and a challenging optical specification in creating a security camera enclosure with a transparent reflective finish.

The Solution:
NACL developed a customized vacuum applied dielectric aluminum mirror coating to work in conjunction with Dauntless Mold’s customers security camera system. This custom dielectric mirror not only allowed the security cameras to view the secure spaces they were assigned to, but it did so with a high chrome appearance that shielded the camera from view of the human eye.

NACL met the critical specifications needed for this project, but also did so in a rapid fashion which allowed  Dauntless Molds to meet their customers tight delivery schedule. Working closely with the customer NACL was able to design a customized vacuum coating, gain customer approval on the design, and deliver several hundred production pieces all within one months time.

“North American Coating Laboratories offers numerous coating treatments within one domestic facility, which allows us one-stop shopping for all of our critical optical coating applications”
– George Payton, President of Dauntless Molds