The Customer:
A leading sport sunglass manufacturer that provides sunglasses for the serious sports enthusiast whose primary concern is optical performance and durability.

The Challenge:
Creating a hardcoating and mirror coating that would be cosmetically appealing, but would also hold up to the rigors of extreme sports such as rock climbing, skiing, and wind surfing.

The Solution:
NACL’s dip applied hardcoating is a super abrasion resistant solution that is thermally cured and protects polymers against scratching, weathering, and wear and tear that occurs throughout the lifecycle of a  typical sunglass lens.

This product is also used in the aviation and automotive industry and has stood up to such super  destructive tests as a 336 hour salt and sulfur dioxide spray test. If this coating performs this well under the most extreme conditions science can produce, imagine how well it will perform in  everyday life.

“North American Coating Laboratories hardcoating and mirror coatings appeal to our demographic while also offering outstanding durability and longevity in the field.”