The Customer:
One of the largest glass and mirror fabricators on the East coast that has been producing quality precision glass components and mirror components since 1927.

The Challenge:
When choosing a vendor for his precision optics line Peter Racevicius the Director of Sales and Marketing for our customer needs to consider numerous variables to fulfill  his supply chain requirements. Peter stated that his paramount concern was quality, rapid turn-around time, and capability when choosing a service provider.

The Solution:
NACL’s customer care division has coordinated efforts with our customer to forecast and coordinate shipments thus streamlining the supply chain and helping our customer deliver products sooner than expected. North American Coating Laboratories strives to aid in the success of our customers in all phases of production, from initial concept to final delivery we work hand in hand with our clients to assure quality, fast delivery and maximum value.

“NACL’s customer care and quality far exceeds their competition, they are not always the least expensive option, but you get what you pay for, especially in the optics world!”
– Peter Racevicius, Director of Sales & Marketing