The Customer:
Synapse is a product development firm that solves difficult engineering challenges from concept through manufacturing. Synapse provides mechanical, electrical and software engineering with project management to a wide range of clients in the fields of entertainment, consumer electronics, life-sciences and healthcare.  Synapse is headquartered in Seattle, WA with additional offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong. For more information visit

The Challenge:
Synapse was facing a very tight delivery schedule on a complex geometric shaped design that needed to pass very stringent durability requirements.

The Solution:
NACL’s dip-applied polysiloxane hardcoating not only gave Synapse’s complex geometrically designed product the durability it needed, it did so without sacrificing the cosmetic appearance of the part that was integral to end-user experience and satisfaction.

NACL is not only offering our customer a top of the line product to protect their components in the field, we were also able to provide this service for our customer to help them deliver their product on-time despite multiple technical and logistical challenges.

“NACL had incredible client oriented service. Our project was on a tight timeline with some unexpected bumps and hurdles along the way. NACL responded quickly to our every need, and was instrumental in making our project a success.”
– Pamela Darvirris  Mechanical Engineer  Synapse Product Development