The Customer:
A leading defense and aerospace company that provides advanced technologies, systems, and operational services for military and civil customers.

The Challenge:
Providing a tight tolerance, optically coated lens with an extremely short lead-time needed to meet a mission critical application delivery.

The Solution:
Scheduling flexibility, customer centric service, and rapid design from NACL pushed a program that was in jeopardy of missing a critical delivery to on-time and in specification.

NACL is not only offering our customer a top of the line product to improve the performance and durability of their components in the field, we also provided this service for our customer in less than 48 hours after receipt of the initial inquiry. Due to our scheduling flexibility and rapid service we are happy to say that our customer was able to meet their deadline without compromising performance or quality.

“We are very pleased with the rapid response and high quality of the coatings.” “We really needed help fast, and NACL did not disappoint”
– Robert Winsor, Senior Staff Scientist