Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”Can mirrors or anti-reflective coating be applied to glass polarized lenses?” class=”in”]Yes. Please note that attempting to remove these coatings once complete would permanently damage lenses.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What is Flash Mirror coating?”]Flash mirror coating refers to applying a translucent mirror to the product. The appearance is much like that of a traditional mirror with a semi-transparent quality.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Can anti-reflective coating be applied to only one side of the lenses?”]Yes. The anti-reflective coating can be applied exclusively to one surface of the lenses.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What is the run around time for non-specialty mirror coating?”]Most mirrors can be completed in the NACL lab within three business days. Additional coating will require a minimum of one additional business day.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Can a mirror coating be applied to clear or un-tinted lenses?”]Yes. Mirrors can be applied to clear lenses for a distinct and fashionable look.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Can coatings be removed from all lenses?”]Yes. However poly, hi-index, and polarized glass will only be attempted if customer assumes liability for any damage.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Can coatings be applied to uncut lenses?”]Mirrors can be applied to uncut lenses excluding glass and poly tints.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Does NACL offer samples of their mirrors suitable for display to my customers?”]Yes. Please contact the Customer Service Department to purchase one of our multiple display books.[/toggle]

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