Can mirrors or anti-reflective coating be applied to glass polarized lenses?

Yes. Please note that attempting to remove these coatings once complete would permanently damage lenses.

What is Flash Mirror coating?

Flash mirror coating refers to applying a translucent mirror to the product. The appearance is much like that of a traditional mirror with a semi-transparent quality.

Can anti-reflective coating be applied to only one side of the lenses?

Yes. The anti-reflective coating can be applied exclusively to one surface of the lenses.

What is the run around time for non-specialty mirror coating?

Most mirrors can be completed in the NACL lab within three business days. Additional coating will require a minimum of one additional business day.

Can a mirror coating be applied to clear or un-tinted lenses?

Yes. Mirrors can be applied to clear lenses for a distinct and fashionable look.

Can coatings be removed from all lenses?

Yes. However poly, hi-index, and polarized glass will only be attempted if customer assumes liability for any damage.

Can coatings be applied to uncut lenses?

Mirrors can be applied to uncut lenses excluding glass and poly tints.

Does NACL offer samples of their mirrors suitable for display to my customers?

Yes. Please contact the Customer Service Department to purchase one of our multiple display books.

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