Anti-Reflective Coating

NACL’s Rx Division offers multiple coatings to enhance the function and cosmetic appearance of all ophthalmic lenses. AR coatings virtually eliminate all reflections from the front and back surfaces of your lenses. Without distracting reflections, more light is able to pass through your lenses which improves your vision. With less visible distractions (especially in the dark), and almost invisible lenses, AR coatings are the perfect fashionable and functional addition to any eyewear in your collection . A common question we receive is “are AR coatings worth it?“. Opticians unanimously agree that anti-reflective coatings are definitely worth the added cost.

AR coatings for eyeglass lenses have come a long way throughout the years. In the past, AR coatings were viewed more like a hindrance than an advantage. Previous problems included constant smudging and a need to always clean the lenses. AR coatings of the past were also known to frequently scratch making the lenses they were on less clear. Newer generation AR coatings are more durable and now contain chemicals that make them hydrophobic. These hydrophobic chemicals in new AR coatings make the lens less susceptible to water and grease build-up. This keeps the lenses cleaner for a longer period of time and makes them much easier to clean when they do become dirty.

Another benefit of AR coatings is reduced glare in photos, so feel free to snap more selfies with an NACL AR coating!

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