Plano Stock Mirrors

Plano Comparison Guide

Code SRC Coating Name Activity
1R Solid Silver Land Activities
2R Solid Gold Land Activities
3R Solid Blue Water Activities
4R Flash Silver Land Activities
5R Flash Gold Driving
7R Single-Gradient Silver Baseball/Golf/Tennis
8R Ultra Ray Blue Baseball/Golf/Tennis
9R Ultra Ray Violet Baseball/Golf/Tennis
10R Ultra Ray Orange Bright Light Environments
11R Ultra Ray Green Land Activities
12R Black Mirror Land Activities
13R Lilac Land Activities
14R Arctic Blue Water Activities
15R Virtual Red Blading/Biking/Driving
16R Electric Blue Water Activities
17R Extreme Green Bright Light Environments
18R Sportlife Snow Bright Light Environments
19R Sportlife Land Bright Light Environments
20R Sportlife Sea Bright Light Environments
21R Sportlife Rose Water Activities
22R Flash Gradient Silver Fashion
23R Flash Gradient Gold Fashion
24R Inferno Fashion

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