Understanding Optical Coatings

February 20, 2019

Optical coatings and the coating process itself are often the last thing engineers consider when designing both simple and complex optical systems for prototype and wide-scale manufacturing. Our hope with this paper is to help and educate our future customers on the multiple types of optical coatings and some of their unique proprieties. Anti-reflection Anti-reflection films are used to maximize light transmission while increasing contrast and eliminating ghost images. Typically, these coatings are quite robust when tested for abrasion and environmental resistance. Most transmissive optics have some type of anti-reflection thin film on at least a single surface, but in…

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“Thin-Film Coating for Military Eyepiece Displays”

January 2, 2019

Written by Dan Fiore, Director of Business Development, North American Coating Laboratories. Original Article Here. Today’s head-mounted eyepiece displays have to be tough enough to stand up to the harsh environments found on the battlefield. A customer of North American Coating Laboratories (NACL) was looking to supply the military with a remote eyepiece that could be mounted to a variety of mission-critical systems, such as visors, glasses and electronic sights. Giving our troops a remote visual display from their weapon would allow them to see around corners unexposed, therefore keeping them safer and increasing their mission awareness. Symbols on the display helped them…

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NACL Increases Hardcoating Capabilities with State of the Art System

November 2, 2018

NACL is happy to announce our acquisition of a new state of the art hardcoating system for plastics. The new system features the following revolutionary options: A UL certified touch screen control system A 4 camera production monitoring system with remote access capabilities 6 40kHz ultrasonic heated cleaning and rinse stations Dual hardcoat resin tanks for multiple hardcoat system support Class 100 HEPA filtration through dual laminar flow Click here to see a quick video of the new system in action! Please contact us now to discuss your hardcoating project!

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NACL Wins Weatherhead 100 Award as one of Ohio’s Fastest Growing Companies

October 8, 2018

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