An NACL Original Bids Farewell

May 10, 2016

After 39 years of service to North American Coating Laboratories our very own Lori Grabowy who oversaw our Rx Customer Care Department has decided to retire. Lori was one of the original members of team NACL when 100% of our coating work was on ophthalmic lenses that were mostly glass. Lori takes with her an astounding amount of ophthalmic lens coating know-how, but she has left us with a great example for customer care and individualized service. With that in mind, we also wish to introduce all of our ophthalmic customers to Kelsey Weske who will now be our main…

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Femtosecond Laser Nanogratings Create “Five Dimensional” Storage

March 25, 2016

Scientists from the University of Southampton in the UK have created a new data format that encodes information in tiny nanostructures that are etched into glass discs. A standard-sized disc can store approximately 360 terabytes of data, with an estimated lifespan of up to 13.8 billion years. This breakthrough is not only monumental for records keeping, but also for the optical industry as a whole. The “5D” storage technique has numerous benefits over film, CD’s and other storage medium which have multiple drawbacks. The infographic below shows backup storage media’s expected lifecycle. As you can see the “5D” storage method could be…

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Anti-fingerprint Coating Applications for Automotive Touchscreen Displays

February 10, 2016

Abstract: North American Coating Laboratories provides vacuum applied hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to automotive display manufacturers. These coatings can be deposited on both plastic and glass based displays and help reduce the appearance of fingerprint oils on touch and non-touch based HMI’s. In many cases, such vacuum-applied coatings improve the optical quality of displays and reduce driver distraction by improving the visual acuity of the display through drastic reduction of fingerprint oils. This presentation will focus on the full spectrum of thin-film coatings that are currently being deployed to automotive displays in order to combat smudging and fingerprints on automotive display panels.

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NACL’s Quality & Customer Care Keeps West Coast Lens on Top of the High-End Eyewear Market

January 28, 2016

The Customer: West Coast Lens is a full service wholesale optical laboratory with a niche in custom high end and luxury products.  They are focused on and take pride in their attention to detail as artisans, their knowledge of luxury products, as well as their personalized and immediate customer care. The Challenge: West Coast Lens caters to extremely high-end customers and boutique locations that  offer some of the most luxurious and painstakingly crafted eye wear in the industry today. The cost associated with their products is substantial so providing them with the most technologically advanced, and aesthetically  pleasing eye glass…

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