Optical Coating Webinar

September 30, 2019

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Optical Coatings, but Were Afraid to Ask

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“Thin-Film Coating for Military Eyepiece Displays”

January 2, 2019

Written by Dan Fiore, Vice President Original Article in Novus Light. Today’s head-mounted eyepiece displays have to be tough enough to stand up to the harsh environments found on the battlefield. A customer of North American Coating Laboratories (NACL) was looking to supply the military with a remote eyepiece that could be mounted to a variety of mission-critical systems, such as visors, glasses and electronic sights. Giving our troops a remote visual display from their weapon would allow them to see around corners unexposed, therefore keeping them safer and increasing their mission awareness. Symbols on the display helped them determine between friendly…

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NACL Thin-Film Coating Case Study

May 14, 2018

Read or download our latest case study on coating solutions for rugged head-mounted display optics.

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NACL’s Keeps West Coast Lens on Top of the High-End Eyewear Market

January 28, 2016

The Customer: West Coast Lens is a full service wholesale optical laboratory with a niche in custom high end and luxury products.  They are focused on and take pride in their attention to detail as artisans, their knowledge of luxury products, as well as their personalized and immediate customer care. The Challenge: West Coast Lens caters to extremely high-end customers and boutique locations that  offer some of the most luxurious and painstakingly crafted eye wear in the industry today. The cost associated with their products is substantial so providing them with the most technologically advanced, and aesthetically  pleasing eye glass…

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