Exploring Infrared Optics

February 16, 2021

Infrared vision is the ability for optical systems to detect heat signatures or waves of light emitted via infrared radiation. Thermal vision and thermal imaging are also commonly used terms in this situation since infrared waves emitted from a body are directly related to the body’s temperature: warmer objects emit more energy in the infrared spectrum than bodies with a lower temperature, hence their heat signature is more viewable. The human body, as well as many moving or static objects, are typically warmer than the surrounding environment. Since warmer objects produce more infrared energy than colder ones, it is easier…

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Critical Cleaning

January 25, 2021

Critically Cleaning Optical Elements Prior to Coating Dan Fiore, Vice President As we begin a new year, many people have resolved to clean up their homes and “de-clutter” so they are organized to start the year on a good foot. In the optical coating world, we also take our cues from famous organizing consultant, author, and Netflix TV show host Marie Kondo because nothing sparks less joy for our customers than a dirty optic! Once we receive optical lenses, we perform a critical inspection and then will make a few decisions as to how to proceed with preparing optics for…

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Blue Light Glasses

December 7, 2020

Can they really help with CVS? By Dan Fiore, Vice President During the pandemic we are all spending a lot more time staring at screens throughout the course of our workdays and even when we stop work. This has left many people with dry and irritated eyes which increases eye strain and overall levels of fatigue. The source of many of these eye strain issues may be digital screens which emit blue light. Various studies have concluded that blue light from displays can have negative consequences on your eyes and  can also negatively impact your sleep schedule as it  can…

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An IR Optic Designers Best Friend

November 23, 2020

Diamond Like Carbon is an Infrared Optical Designer’s Best Friend By Dan Fiore, Vice President Diamond-Like Carbon or DLC coating is an amorphous crystalline film that is conformably grown on a surface and has properties like that of a naturally occurring diamond. The film offers a low friction coefficient, is chemically inert which lends to high abrasion and corrosion resistance. One of the most unique properties of DLC is its optical performance in the infrared spectrum where it is commonly used as an anti-reflective coating. Because DLC can be applied to relatively fragile crystalline materials such as Germanium, Zinc Selenide,…

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